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The best part about studying at VT AAA is that you get to meet students who share the same ambition from across the globe. Our International Professional Pilot (IPP) Pathway is an airline-oriented flight training program that fosters students from all over the world to become the pilots of tomorrow. We will train you in complex multi-engine aircraft, guided by qualified flight instructors, and introduce you to up-to-date technology to help you mold into an elite pilot. One thing to bear in mind is that there’s no flight instructor job with this program.

However, international students are advised to establish a relationship with the local flight in their home country before they leave for training to help the transition process once they have completed training in the US.

To set up an interview, call us today during the regular business hours, US Central Standard time. 830-423-4664

Flight Training Packages


FAA 141 Approved


A course with a duration of 12-15 months

Flight Hours

Ground School Hours


Private Pilot License




Instrument Rating




Commercial Pilot




Multi-Engine Add-on




Total Hours of Training




There is no Flight Instructor Job with this program.


FFlight Training Costs

Each of VT AAA’s flight training packages includes ground school, aircraft cost, flight training, and the required materials.

  • Private Pilot License (PPL – includes 55 flight hours) – $16,125.00
  • Instrument Flying Rules (IFR – includes 35 flight hours) – $10,725.00**
  • Commercial Pilot License – Single Engine (CPL-SE – includes 120 flight hours) – $34,575.00**
  • Commercial Pilot License – Multi-Engine Add-on (CPL-ME – includes 15 flight hours) – $9,030.00**
  • Payment for each license is due before training begins. **Price quoted is based upon the FAA minimum number of hours. Some students may require additional time to become proficient enough to pass the FAA check-ride. Below are the rates for each type of aircraft. Some students may qualify for discounted rates depending on their original enrollment.

    Aircraft/Training Hourly Rate

  • Cessna 172 – Basic $200
  • Cessna 172 – G500 $250
  • Cessna 172 – G1000 $250
  • PA-44 Seminole $455
  • Redbird MCX Simulator $130
  • Ground School (Classroom) $20
  • **Aviation Academy of America does not have separate rates for dual or solo as someone is always on duty dispatching and monitoring flights regardless of dual/solo operations. AAA does not rent any aircraft outside of flight training.

    Other Costs International Students Can Expect

  • I-20/M-1 Visa
  • Official Fingerprinting by a TSA-approved Agency
  • First Class Medical Exam conducted by an FAA-approved physician
  • FAA Written Exams (PPL, Instrument, and CPL-SE)
  • FAA Check-rides (PPL, Instrument, CPL-SE, and CPL-ME)
  • Housing: Please budget $1000/month shared accommodations 2 students/ sleeping room X 2 sleeping rooms/apt.

    Food: Please budget $500/month self-cooking

    International Travel: Fluctuates with the season, please check with an airline of your choice.

    Local Transportation:

    Self-provided unless included in International Student Group

    VT AAA Flight is located outside San Antonio, Texas with our main International Student Campus in New Braunfels, TX.

    New Braunfels, TX has easy access to all of the major Texas cities and many local attractions in this historic town!



    We recommend you set up housing as soon as possible after you’ve been accepted to the flight school.


    Cadets are advised to have sufficient funding to support themselves during training at the overseas flight academy. Costs start at $1,500 to $2,000.00 a month or more depending on transportation, insurance, and other expenses. It is the international student’s responsibility to set up their Housing.


  • 18ys old
  • High School Graduate (or equivalent)
  • First Class Medical
  • ICAO English Level 4 or higher
  • Eligible for M1
  • Eligible for TSA clearance
  • No criminal record
  • Statement of financial capability (bank statement showing the funds on the deposit for the full cost of training)
  • Deposit amount paid 30 days before class date
  • Phase I PPL due in full at orientation
  • ICAO English Level 4 ETS Organization
  • Written TOEFL score to start flight training is 513
  • **If you need an English language assessment please visit this link: English test


  • Call VT AAA at (830) 584-7058 to inform VT AAA Flight School of your request to submit your TSA approval documents along with your VISA to get help during this process. During this call, you will provide the required down payment to ensure enrollment in the upcoming flight training class and VT AAA will provide a checklist of other items needed to complete the process to start flight training with VT AAA.
  • Student Visa info link. Confirmation that the student has applied online at the TSA site to complete their background check and flight training approval.
  • TSA flight school candidates
  • Be able to show proof of TSA Flight training approval and a VISA to train in the U.S.TSA Application Guide

    More Info

    MORE ABOUT THE TRAINING: VT AAA’s International Professional Pilot Pathway is an airline-oriented flight training academy.

    Our International Professional Pilot Pathway is recommended for students who already have an established a relationship with a local flight school in their home country to help them through their FAA License and Rating to their home country’s licensing equivalent conversion training.

    The International Professional Pilot Pathway is $82205**, plus living expenses. To pay for personal expenses and set up your housing and transportation, please work with our admission officer. Call us for more help applying with VT AAA 830-423-4664

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